Thursday, October 30, 2014

Mae Fighters

Here are some of my recent Mae Fighters.
 Since I was a kid, I always loved the paint jobs on vintage military aircraft.  My Auntie Mae used to work on them back on WWII.  When I was a child, she would draw fighter planes for my brother and I on demand.  She was a self taught artist and could draw many planes from memory because she built them herself. These fun UFOs were inspired by Auntie Mae and the mysterys that surround UFOs and Area 51.
Invasion Stripes
Tuskegee Airmen "Red Tail" 
Love the paint job.  Kids called it "the Bat Plane". 

On a recent trip to the USS Alabama, the family and I got to do some up close research on the subject.   
Hope you enjoy them. Contact me for details and pricing.  

Alabama Blues Project

Recently painted guitar to raise money for the Alabama Blues Project.  I love this organization and everything it is about.  Johnny Shines was the real deal Delta Blues Legend.   He started in Mississippi rambling with the legendary Robert Johnson.  His adventures took him to Chicago and beyond and eventually settled here in Tuscaloosa, Alabama where he spent the remainder of his days.  This guitar is a tribute to him.


Monster Makeover V

Glad to be a part of this great event.  The monster Makeover V is an art show featuring the art of children from Tuscaloosa area schools.  The children drew monsters and the artists made art based on those monsters.  Both the children's art and the artists pieces are being auctioned off to raise money for arts grants.   Tuscaloosa News published a book featuring all the art work from the show.   The main event is  Oct 30th,  at the Transportation Museum in Tuscaloosa.  It is geared toward children and costumes are encouraged.  Please stop in and show your support!

     Being an artist gives me the opportunity to go places that I’ve never been.  It’s a great feeling to be able to go to some part of the country I’ve never been before and not be a stranger.  Even if I’m not making sales, I can sit around at a slow show and make friends with the artists around me. It’s a great feeling to open a newspaper, or magazine and see your friends and their artwork in it.  I love looking at all the work of the artists I have met along the way on my own wall, or on the wall of some random restaurant or public space in some faraway place or close by.  It makes you feel like part of something much larger.  The best thing about being an artist and knowing other artists is that through the distribution of their art, the spirit of all these amazing people show up all over the place, and change your experience of the place you find it.  This weekend I will be in my hometown of Hoover, Alabama at the Moss Rock Festival, please come out and see us!  I'll be there with my friends Donna DiGiorgio, Jeff Wells & Pam Hamby, Gyl Turner, Chad Moore, David Nuttall and more!  November 1-2, 10 AM-5 PM.